Goddesses of Winter Birthstone and Flower Hard Enamel Pins

Created by Angela R. Sasser

A set of Art Nouveau inspired hard enamel cloisonne pins with a theme of flowers and birthstones for December, January, and February.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Get the FINAL Pin Set! The Goddesses of Spring
5 days ago – Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 02:17:34 PM

(If you've seen this Update on my previous Goddesses of Summer and Autumn Kickstarters, then you can ignore this post, as it is a re-post of the Update shared on those projects!)

Spring has arrived and so have my Goddesses of Spring Enamel Pins!  It's been a year-long journey to create this set.  Now, with your support, we can complete the 4th and final set in the Birthstone Goddesses enamel pin series!

I know times are uncertain for many right now, but I decided to move forward with this project anyways in the hopes that it might bring you all a little bit of beauty and light!  I appreciate anyone who can support an artist during a difficult time right now.  Even if you can't, a share is just as appreciated!

You can check out the 4th and FINAL Birthstone Goddesses Enamel Pins launch here:

Here's a preview of some of the rewards you can expect from the Spring campaign.

Any Original Art pieces that were not claimed in previous campaigns are now back at their Kickstarter price!  Plus new originals for the Goddesses of Spring will be coming soon over the course of the campaign.

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Thanks to all of you who have been with me during this journey of creation.  Your encouragement and support has been amazing!  We've made these little dreams solid.  I can't wait to bring the complete set to you!

Be healthy and safe, friends.  Much love,

Angela S.

Samples Arrived + Manufacturing Delays
16 days ago – Thu, Mar 12, 2020 at 08:00:00 PM

I'm excited to share an update today!  The Goddesses of Winter samples have arrived on my doorstep.  The detail is as stunning as I hoped they'd be!  Take a look:

The bad news is there are a few tiny errors concerning the sandblasted gold effect, which is not to my liking and does not match the textured look of the last pins in this series.  There was also a mix up with the wrong backing cards being printed for Lady of February.

Luckily, that's exactly why I order a small sample batch first before ordering the main batch.  I've already discussed the changes with the company and we're working on the next samples now.

The factory in China is back in full operation, which means the production end should be slowly, but surely returning to normal with less of a rush crunch to contribute to mistakes. However, I cannot predict how the COVID-19 pandemic will personally affect us, especially as there has been an outbreak of cases in our region (Atlanta and surrounding areas).  

There may be unexpected delays depending on what businesses remain open here and our own personal challenges. My husband is in a vulnerable population as a heart and cancer patient, so we are being safe, but planning for the worst-case scenario of a hospital stay if need be (though we will very much try to prevent that if we can!)

I will keep you all posted here in the meanwhile.

Thanks again for your support of these beautiful creations and for your patience during these trying times!

I hope everyone will be safe and and am looking forward to the little slice of joy these pins will bring when I am finally able to ship them out!

♥ Angela S.

Surveys Due Soon! + Production Update
about 1 month ago – Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 12:18:15 AM

Quick reminder to everyone that your surveys are due on Monday, the 17th, so get your surveys in this weekend!  There will be a 48 hour grace period for Backers to update their orders with any last minute changes, after which credit cards will be charged.  Those who paid via Paypal have already been charged and will not be charged again.

NOTE: If you fill out your survey AFTER the 17th, there is no guarantee that your items will be in stock, so you may have to wait until I can re-order stock.  It is important to get your surveys in by the 17th so I can take a proper count of items for manufacturing purposes!

If you've misplaced your survey, you can recover it here - https://wintergoddesspins.backerkit.com/

Once surveys are Locked, you all will have access to your digital coloring packs which will be accessible via Backerkit!

You will also have another chance to update your mailing addresses once we're closer to the shipping date.

Any questions, comments, or concerns?  Private Message me here within Backerkit for the fastest response. I am checking messages personally!

Production Delays

I've heard word from my pin manufacturer that they have suspended production while the government has recommended workers to stay indoors during the coronavirus outbreak.  They were not sure when production would resume, but they hope for it to be by the end of February.  Other companies I work with that are based in China have already resumed production in the past couple of days, so here's hoping it will be soon!

And again, there should be no fear of the virus being shipped on the surfaces of the pins, as coronaviruses do not usually live long on surfaces.

I ask for your patience while these delays are happening as the situation is constantly evolving and may impact my timeline.  I will always be of the opinion that my pins are not more important than people's lives and firmly stand on the side of caution!  

I will post another update as soon as I hear word of when my pin samples will be heading our way.

Thanks again for your patience and support!  Have a great weekend, all!

♥ Ang

Samples Incoming + Lady of February Original Art Available!
about 2 months ago – Thu, Feb 06, 2020 at 11:11:32 AM

Another quick update for everyone!  I received word from the manufacturer that they expect to deliver the Goddesses of Winter sample pins to me around March 3rd.  Once I can approve these samples, the main batch will move into production, putting the estimated arrival of the pins to me closer to late March, barring any other delays with production.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to do my best to have all the Add Ons prepped and ready to go by then so I can send them out ASAP!  Please note that the situation in China right now is always evolving as people take safety measures for the Coronavirus outbreak.  This may cause further delays!  I will keep people posted as much as possible.

Also note that the pins should arrive to me completely safe and free of any infection according to the CDC's statement, which states that this particular virus should not last long on surfaces and items that are shipped from China.

Original Art Available Again!  Ink and Gold Lady of February

The buyer for this piece ended up being a dropped pledge, so the lovely Lady of February is now available once more to be claimed!  To secure this piece for your collection, you can buy her via the Add On shop you can access via your Backerkit survey.  The January and December ink and gold originals are still available as well at their post-Kickstarter price!  

NOTE that these originals do not come with the extra items from the bundle, as that was a Kickstarter campaign exclusive deal only.  If these originals do not sell during the survey and pre-order period, they will return as Reward Tiers for the final campaign for the Goddesses of Spring enamel pins. 

She's already been signed and matted!

For now, Updates should not be so frequent for a little while until I have more news concerning the samples.  I appreciate your patience during this hectic process!

Any questions or comments?  Message me here within Kickstarter for the fastest results!

Thanks for your support!

♥ Ang

Surveys SENT + Samples Ordered
about 2 months ago – Tue, Feb 04, 2020 at 11:12:05 PM

Without further ado, the surveys for this campaign have been SENT!  You should see them in your email inboxes.  If not, you can access and recover your survey here.

  • Survey Deadline - February 17th.
  • Abandoned Item Cut-off Deadline - May 14th 

I will be charging credit cards on the 18th and ordering the stock for Add Ons and pins on the 19th.  It will then take 2-3 weeks for the pins to be produced and mailed to me.

While you CAN still fill out your surveys after February 17th, I prefer that everyone get their orders in before that time so I can order stock for Add Ons as soon as possible!  Those who fill their survey out after February 17th may be subject to delays while I re-stock Add Ons that may sell out in the meanwhile.

IMPORTANT!  If you have not filled out your survey AND paid for your shipping by May 14th, your items will be returned to my inventory and your pledge will be considered a donation to support my business.  I will not be accepting any refunds, exchanges, etc. after this date!

Pin Samples Ordered!

To expedite the pin manufacturing process, I've already ordered samples that should reflect what the main batch will look like.  They are currently in the production queue, which should be opened up again after February 12th, as most factories are staying closed right now out of an abundance of caution for the coronavirus outbreak.

This may mean we're looking at shipment in late March, but I will be sure to post here once I have more solid dates or any further announcements concerning delays.

Want More Art and Updates?

If you'd like to keep up with how I'm developing the next set of pins in this series, you can Follow me for free on Patreon or pitch in at least $1 for access to my Secret Sketchbook where Patrons get to see my developmental sketches and creative notes before everyone else!  

I also offer Patreon-exclusive digital wallpapers, coloring pages, access to my private Discord server, Welcome gifts, and more for my Patrons.  It's the best place to be the biggest fan and get the star treatment!

Any questions?  Feel free to leave them in comments or for the fastest response, send me a PM here within Kickstarter!  I will be checking regularly throughout this campaign and personally answering all inquiries.

Thanks so much for your support, everyone!  These pins are going to be BEAUTIFUL!

♥ Ang